Talks will be held in Hotel Edén Roc, at the conference room “Port Salvi”.

Mornings will be devoted to the following short courses:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon program will consist both of plenary talks and short talks. Plenary talks will be given by

Some young researchers within the MAnET network will also deliver a talk:

The workshop includes also a social program, consisting of:

  • A visit to Dalí museum in Figueres, on wednesday afternoon; reservations for this will be done by the participants directly at the hotel reception no later than tuesday, upon an extra fee of 18 euros (which includes bus transport both ways from and to the hotel, as well as museum tickets). Bus to the museum departs from the hotel at 2PM and plans to be back at the hotel at 7PM (approx)
  • A social dinner at the hotel, on wednesday evening; neither extra fees nor reservation are needed for this. The social dinner will start at 8PM.

A tentative schedule for the workshop could be the following one:

9.00-9:45 CABRE 9.00-9:45 MATTILA  9.00-9:45 CRIPPA  9.00-9:45 SANTAMBROGIO  9.00-9:45 DAVID
10:00-10:45 MATTILA  10:00-10:45 CABRE  10:00-10:45 MATTILA  10:00-10:45 CRIPPA  10:00-10:45 BALOGH
10:45-11:15 coffe break 10:45-11:15 coffe break 10:45-11:15 coffe break  10:45-11:15 coffe break  10:45-11:15 coffe break
11:15-12:00 CRIPPA  11:15-12:00 SANTAMBROGIO  11:15-12:00 CABRE  11:15-12:00 MATTILA  11:15-12:00 CRIPPA
12:15-13:00 SANTAMBROGIO  12:15-13:00 CRIPPA  12:15-13:00 SANTAMBROGIO  12:15-13:00 CABRE  12:15-13:00 SANTAMBROGIO
13:00-15:00 lunch  13:00-15:00 lunch  13:00 lunch  13:00-15:00 lunch 13:30 bus
15:00-15:45 CABRE  15:00-15:45 MATTILA 14:00 bus departs to Figueres  15:00-15:45 ZHONG
16:00-16:45 TOLSA  16:00-16:45 HOLOPAINEN  16:00-16:45 SERAPIONI
16:45-17:15 coffee break 16:45-17:15 coffe break  16:45-17:15 coffe break
18:00 bus 17:15-17:30 HATAMI  17:15-18:00 JIANG
20:00 arrival cocktail 17:35-17:50 MARKASHEVA 19:00 bus arrives from Figueres
20:30 dinner 20:00 dinner 20:00 dinner 20:00 dinner 20:00 dinner