Materials Matemātics
Electronic Journal for the Popularization of Mathematics
Published by the Departament de Matemātiques of the
Universitat Autōnoma de Barcelona

Les columnes de la UAB

The main goal of this journal is to popularize mathematics through the electronic publication of original works. The articles it contains are intended to appeal to a wide spectrum of readers, ranging from young people with a general interest in mathematics to professional mathematicians.

Articles can be written in any of the languages commonly used in the mathematical community of the country.

For the benefit of readers, each article is accompanied by a symbol that indicates the audience to whom is addressed:

Readers interested in mathematics.

Readers with some mathematical background.


To submit a paper to this journal, please send it to either of the editors

Armengol Gasull or Gregori Guasp,

preferably electronically to the electronic address of the journal, or by ordinary mail to:

Materials Matemātics
Departament de Matemātiques
Universitat Autōnoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)

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Materials matemātics. ISSN: 1887-1097