Information for speakers:

  • Talks usually last for 50 minutes, and then 10 minutes for questions/comments.
  • The lecture room has a blackboard, a computer, a screen and a projector.
  • Lectures may be held in catalan, spanish and/or english depending on the choice of the speaker and the nature of the audience.

Upcoming seminar talks

18/02/2019 3PM UB – Aula T2 JANI VIRTANEN
University of Reading, UK Compactness of Hankel operators
20/02/2019 12 noon UAB – Aula Petita CRM JONAS AZZAM
University of Edinburgh Affine deviation of positive functions vanishing at the boundaries of nontangentially accessible domains
25/02/2019 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM ANDREA MERLO
Scuola Normale Superiore Geometry of 1-codimensional measures in the Heisenberg groups


Previous seminar talks

 03/09/2018 3PM  UB-Aula T2 KEITH ROGERS
 ICMAT Pointwise convergence of the solution to the Schrodinger equation to its initial data
17/09/2018 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM CARMELO PULIATTI
UAB Gradient of the single layer potential and uniform rectifiabilit
27/09/2018 3PM UAB – Aula polivalent 2 (C3b/-104) CRM JAMES E. BRENNAN
University of Kentucky On a Problem of Beurling and Keldysh
01/10/2018 3PM UB-Aula T2 MATTEO COZZI UPC Regularity and rigidity results for
nonlocal minimal graphs
08/10/2018 3PM UB-Aula T2 MISHKO MITKOVSKI Clemson University On the fractal uncertainty principle
15/10/2018 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM GYULA CSATÓ UPC Barcelona Gaffney inequality: best constant problem and some generalizations
22/10/2018 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM TAPIO RAJALA University of Jyväskylä On density of Sobolev functions on Euclidean domains
22/10/2018 4PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM JEREMIAH BUCKLEY King’s College London The winding of stationary Gaussian processes
29/10/2018 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ LLORENTE UAB On p-harmonic measures in half-spaces
05/11/2018 3PM UB – Aula T2 EDUARD ROURE UB Why is hard to extrapolate multi-variable restricted weak type inequalities
12/11/2018 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM BENJAMIN EICHINGER Lund University Chebyshev problems on circular arcs
16/11/2018 12PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM XAVIER ROS-OTON
Universität Zürich On the Singular set in the Stefan problem and a conjecture of Schaeffer
ICREA and Universitat de Barcelona Univalent polynomials and Koebe’s one-quarter theorem
Åbo Akademi University Toeplitz operators with piecewise continuous symbols
03/12/2018 3PM UB-Aula T2 MAOFA WANG
Wuhan University Multi-Toeplitz operators on tensor Fock space of free holomorphic functions
10/12/2018 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM GEORGIOS SAKELLARIS
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Green’s function for second order elliptic equations with singular lower order coefficients and applications
21/01/2019 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM JOAN VERDERA
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Minimizers for energies related to dislocations
28/01/2019 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM DAMIAN DABROWSKI
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Rectifiability of measures via optimal transport
31/01/2019 3PM UB – Aula T1 RODOLFO TORRES University of Kansas On Compactness of Commutators of Multiplication and Bilinear Pseudodifferential Operators and a New Subspace of BMO
04/02/2019 3PM UAB – Aula Petita CRM ARTUR NICOLAU
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona The Corona Theorem in Nevanlinna quotient algebras and
interpolating sequences
11/02/2019 3PM UB – Aula T2 JORGE ANTEZANA
Universidad Nacional de La Plata-IAM-CONICET Geometric means of positive definite matrices

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