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     Departament de Matemˆtiques

     Universitat Aut˜noma de    Barcelona

      dolors"AT" mat"dot"uab"dot"cat



Coordinator of the PhD Program in Mathematicas at UAB

Member of the Scientific Committee of the BGSMath


Research Interests


My main field of interest is non-commutative Algebra, and my main specific topics of research are:


¥   Ring and Module Theory

¥   Homological Algebra

¥   Representation Theory

¥   Division rings


CV  (last updated, August 2017)

Selected publications


I have written around 50 research papers and preprints, between them:


¥       D. Herbera and J. S‡nchez; The inversion height of the free field is infinite.Sel. Math. New Ser. 21 (2015) 883-929

¥       D. Herbera and P. Prihoda; Infinitely generated projective modules over pullbacks of rings. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 366 (2014), no. 3, 1433-1454

¥       D. Herbera and J. Trlifaj; Almost free modules and Mittag-Leffler conditions. Advances in Mathematics 229 (2012) 3436–3467

¥       D. Herbera and P. Prihoda; Big projective modules over noetherian semilocal rings. J. Reine und Angew.Math 648 (2010) 111-148

¥       L. Angeleri-HŸgel, D. Herbera and J. Trlifaj; Baer and Mittag-Leffler modules over Tame Hereditary Algebras. Mahtematische Zeitschrift 256 (2010) 1-19.


Check Mathscinet for the full list of published papers


Some metrics on my research can be found in  Researchgate, Google Scholar




This couse I am teaching




I am a member of  the Cor de Gospel Sant Cugat

Painting (oil, aquarelle, ink,...). Here you have a sample of my work


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