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Departament de Matemàtiques
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)

Phone: +34 93 581 1395
Fax: +34 93 581 27 90
Email: last name, then mat.uab.cat

Member of the BGSMath

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My main research interests are in Category Theory, Homotopy Theory, and Algebraic Geometry, but I am also interested in structural aspects of Combinatorics, Mathematical Physics, Logic, and Theoretical Computer Science.

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2020-05-12: New paper, Elements of Petri nets and processes, now on the arXiv.
2019-12-29: The first volume of Compositionality is out!
2019-12-26: New paper, The incidence comodule bialgebra of the Baez-Dolan construction, now on the arXiv.
2019-07-03: New paper: Operads of (noncrossing) partitions, interacting bialgebras, and moment-cumulant relations with Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard, Loïc Foissy, and Frédéric Patras, now on the arXiv.
2019-06-15: My student Louis Carlier has defended his PhD thesis Objective combinatorics through decomposition spaces.
2019-05-24: A very short paper Every 2-Segal space is unital with Matt Feller, Richard Garner, May Underhill-Proulx and Mark Weber is now on the arXiv.
2019-04-13: My student Louis Carlier will defend his PhD thesis Objective combinatorics through decomposition spaces on Friday 14/6.
2019-03-20: My PhD student Louis Carlier has just finished his paper Hereditary species as monoidal decomposition spaces, comodule bialgebras, and operadic categories.
2018-12-28: My PhD student Louis Carlier has just finished his paper Möbius functions of directed restriction species and free operads, via the generalised Rota formula.
2018-12-07: My paper Operadic categories and décalage with Richard Garner and Mark Weber is now on the arXiv.
2018-12-03: The Thomas Poguntke Memorial Workshop will take place 31 January–1 February (2019) at the CRM in Barcelona.
2018-09-05: Expository paper From Möbius inversion to renormalisation is now on the arXiv.
2018-08-27: Brendan Fong, Nina Otter, and Joshua Tan have started a new open-access journal — Compositionality — which is now open for submissions. I am proud to be a member of its editorial board, and look forward to receive (significant and excellent) submissions.
2018-08-01: A short paper Antipodes of monoidal decomposition spaces with Louis Carlier is now available.
2018-07-17: A short paper Decomposition-space slices are toposes with David Spivak is now available.
2018-04-26: My PhD student Alex Cebrian has just finished his paper A simplicial groupoid for plethysm.
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