Year 2021/2022

Author: Vilalta Vila, Eduard
Title: The range problem and dimension theory for the Cuntz semigroup
Director: Francesc Perera Domènech
Date: 06/21/22
Author: Sengupta, Banhirup
Title: Geometric Function Theory in Fluid Mechanics
Director: Albert Clop Ponte
Date: 04/29/22
Author: Sánchez Madrigal, Álvaro
Title: On the relation between homology and K-theory of étale groupoids
Director: Pere Ara Bertran & Joan Bosa Puigredon
Date: 04/25/22
Author: Stepanova, Daria
Title: Mathematical modelling of angiogenesis as an integrated multicellular process
Director: Tomas Alarcon Cor
Date: 03/30/22