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Sesión Especial "Loci of Riemann and Klein surfaces with automorphisms"

04/02/2019 - 05/02/2019

The special session will be devoted to Riemann and Klein surfaces and their moduli spaces, with
special attention to group actions on these types of surfaces, automorphisms of surfaces (real
and complex), Grothendieck theory of dessins d'enfants (maps and hypermaps) and topological
properties of moduli spaces of complex and real curves.
The study of Riemann surfaces with automorphisms constitutes an important meeting point
for Group Theory, Geometry and Analysis, and there is considerable current activity in this field.
The special session will have a computational/combinatorial flavor, with focus on group actions
on Riemann surfaces, Klein surfaces and related structures such as abelian varieties or
hyperbolic manifolds.
Among others, the following topics will be covered:
Real and Complex Algebraic Curves and Surfaces
Automorphisms of Riemann and Klein Surfaces.
Dessins d'Enfants, Combinatorics and Graph Theory.
Theichmuller Theory and Moduli Spaces of Algebraic Curves