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First announcement of the conference "In and around hyperbolic geometry"


Conference "In and around hyperbolic geometry", El Barco de Ávila (Spain), 15-19 June 2020.


Yago Antolín (UAM, Madrid)

Martin Bridgeman (Boston College)

Dick Canary (Michigan)

Montserrat Casals Ruiz (Bilbao) 

Viveka Erlandsson (Bristol)

Federica Fanoni (Strasbourg)

Stefano Francaviglia (Bologna)

Juan González-Meneses (Sevilla)

Autumn Kent (Madison)

Sara Maloni (Virginia)

Bruno Martelli (Pisa)

Conchita Martínez Pérez (Zaragoza) 

Priyam Patel (Utah) 

Joan Porti (UAB, Barcelona)

Alan Reid (Rice)

Jing Tao (Oklahoma) 

David Torres-Teigell (UAM, Madrid)


Location and transport:  El Barco de Ávila is a small village about 180km to the west of Madrid, at the foot the Gredos mountain range. There is a direct bus from Madrid, twice a day. 


(Pre-)registration: There is no registration fee. However, if you plan to come, it's a good idea to fill in the pre-registration form on the conference website, so that we know your potential dates and whether you'd like us to pre-book your accommodation. 


Accommodation: There are 3 hotels and a hostel. The hotel prices will be around 60 euros per room per night. 

1. Hotel Mirador de Gredos, 4 stars. 


2. Hotel Bellavista. In the village


3. Hotel Puerta de Gredos, 4 stars. It's outside the village (2,5km, about 30 mins of pleasant walk). 


4. Hostal Rosi, a hostel. Inside the village. It has no website.


Funding: We will not be able to offer funding to participants.


 The organizers (Javier Aramayona, Jeff Brock, Ken Bromberg, Chris Leininger)