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Data analysis projects: We help our clients thorough all the data analysis process.

Expert consulting in specific statistical techniques: sample size, statistical models, interpretation, visualization, software implementation, etc.

Courses on demand in data analysis and statistical software, adapted to the specific needs of each client.

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  • Sample Size
    When designing a study, determining the sample size is a critical decision. In order to estimate the population average from a sample of units, by means of a confidence interval at the 1-alpha level, that provides a particular precission; we… Continue reading Sample Size
  • Average contents: 2
    Sometimes average is not the most usefull summary statistic. To describe the location of the center of a sample of data, we usually consider the following indexes: Mean Median Depending on the type of data other indexes could be even… Continue reading Average contents: 2
  • Causality
    Causality does not imply correalation Correlation does not imply causality

UAB Data Science Cluster

The UAB Data Science Cluster is a collaboration initiative of different research groups and centers of the UAB sphere to offer broather solutions to those projects that require skills from different fields: