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Seminar on combinatorics of higher categories

Organised by Krzysztof Kapulkin and Joachim Kock.

The seminar takes place on Fridays 14:30-16:30.

Zawadowski's ordered face structures (arXiv:0708.2658) are combinatorial structures general enough to accommodate at the same time simple omega categories (globular pasting diagrams) and opetopes. Our aim is a graphical representation of ordered face structures in terms of zoom complexes.

2009-05-08 Joachim Kock Baez-Dolan construction and stable opetopes
2009-05-15 Krzysztof Kapulkin Ordered face structures
2009-05-22 Andy Tonks Simple omega-categories and chain complexes
2009-05-29 Krzysztof Kapulkin Zoom-complex representation of ordered face structures

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