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Notes from good lectures on

Vector bundles on curves

(There are also notes from lectures on other subjects )

Abelianisation of G-bundles

Lectures by Bill Oxbury, Durham
Notes by Joachim Kock
Luminy, March 2001

1. G-bundles on a curve.
2. The Verlinde formula.
3. A digression on abelian varieties.
4. The case G=SL(n).
5. Construction of covers with Galois group W(G).
6. Decomposition of JZ.
7. Abelianisation.

25pp. [ pdf (328Kb) ]

Espacios Moduli de Fibrados Vectoriales sobre Curvas Algebraicas

Lectures by Leticia Brambila Paz, UAM, Mexico
Notes by Joachim Kock
Recife, February 1998

1. Espacios moduli.
2. Fibrados vectoriales sobre curvas.
3. Subvariedades de los espacios moduli.
4. Estabilidad de fibrados.

20pp with figures. [ ps (368Kb) ]

Vector Bundles on Compact Riemann Surfaces

Lectures by P. A. Vishwanath, SPIC Math. Inst., Madras
Notes by Joachim Kock
Recife, February 1997

1. Generalities on vector bundles on CRS.
2. A Theorem of André Weil.
3. Theorem of Narasimhan and Seshadri.
4. Deformations of vector bundles and local moduli.

34pp and 1 figure. [ ps (456Kb) ]

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