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Bilinear embedding for Schrödinger-type operators with complex coefficients

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On the indecomposable involutive solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation of finite primitive level

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On derived-indecomposable solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation

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Picard groups of quasi-Frobenius algebras and a question on Frobenius strongly graded algebras

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A nontrivial variant of Hilbert’s inequality, and an application to the norm of the Hilbert matrix on the Hardy-Littlewood spaces

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A duality-based approach to gradient flows of linear growth functionals

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Weighted stability estimates for maximal operators

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Uncountable interval of varieties of involution semigroups sharing a common semigroup variety reduct

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Multisections of surface bundles and bundles over $S^1$

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Newton-Okounkov bodies and Picard numbers on surfaces

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Porcupine-quotient graphs, the fourth primary color, and graded composition series of Leavitt path algebras