MMCE and MathMods Optimisation 2011/12

Software and computers

Combinatorial Algorithms Assignments

Genetic Algorithms Additional bibliography Assignments Simulated Annealing
Some interesting links from the wikipedia page

Make Problem 2 of Self-Guided Lesson on Simulated Annealing (see also Simulated Annealing visualization A visualization of a simulated annealing solution to the N-Queens puzzle by Yuval Baror).

Ant colony algorithms

Implementation of the Traveling salesman problem using Ant Systems.


Two easy exercises.

Evaluation information
(the absolute delivering deadline is 2012/02/24)

Assignment Status Deadline Weight in the final mark
Computational Complexity Exam 2011/12/01 15%
Dijkstra Algorithm Compulsory 2011/12/06 15%
Map routing (A* algorithm) Compulsory 2012/02/05 30%
Genetic Algorithm Compulsory 2012/02/05 15%
Genetic Algorithm (2nd) Optional Together increment the final mark up to 20%
Simulated Annealing Optional
Ant Colony Algorithm Optional
Scheduling Compulsory 2012/02/24 25%