I have the privilege to work inside a terrific group of people: The Barcelona Algebraic Topology Group, which was started in 1976 by my PhD advisor, mentor and friend Manuel Castellet.

My main interests have been cohomology algebras, the Steenrod algebra, groups (Lie, finite, Kac-Moody,...) and their classifying spaces, finite loop spaces, reflection groups and invariant theory, unstable homotopy theory, etc.

I have learned a lot from my PhD students Carles Broto, Laia Saumell, Marta Santos and Albert Ruiz, as well as from my friends and colleagues from our Friday's Topology Seminar.

Visiting abroad has always been one of my pleasures and a fantastic source of knowledge, not limited to mathematics. I have been a visitor in Zürich, Göttingen, Aberdeen, Lausanne, Beijing, Bonn, Columbus, Madison, Kyoto, Vancouver, Toronto, Tunis and Paris.

I am happy to have participated in the organization of the Barcelona Conference on Algebraic Topology which has been, every fourth year during twenty years, an important meeting point for people working in homotopy theory.

Some downloadable research papers:

Here are some papers of a more elementary character which have appeared in the Butlletí de la Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques: (all articles in Catalan)
Some time ago, the science supplement of La Vanguardia (one of the major Spanish newspapers) was publishing articles of a quite high scientific level, including articles about mathematics and I was invited to contribute. Here are my articles in La Vanguardia (all them in Spanish)
Long ago, I started writing some funny little mathematical problems. I wanted that reading these problems were interesting in its own, independently of the mathematics behind them. To do that, I invented people and facts and I mixed incredible real things with plausible inventions. Here are some of these problems (all in Catalan):
Long, long ago, I published four or five papers in a little journal called "Butlletí de la Secció de Matemàtiques de la Societat Catalana de Ciències Físiques, Químiques i Matemàtiques, filial de l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans". I don't know why, but these purely anecdotal papers have been read and enjoyed by several people and I thought that it could make sense to recover them here, since the journal is really hard to find nowadays (all in Catalan).