Seminar (Operator Algebras)

Maria Stella Adamo (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”)

Cuntz-Pimsner algebras associated to C*-correspondences over commutative C*-algebras

Abstract: In this talk, structural properties of Cuntz-Pimsner algebras arising by full, minimal, non-periodic, and finitely generated C*-correspondences over commutative C*-algebras will be discussed. A broad class of examples is provided considering the continuous sections $Gamma(V,varphi)$ of a complex locally trivial vector bundle $V$ on a compact metric space $X$ twisted by a minimal homeomorphism $varphi: Xto X$. In this case, we identify a “large enough” C*-subalgebra that captures the fundamental properties of the containing Cuntz-Pimsner algebra. Lastly, we will examine conditions when these C*-algebras can be classified using the Elliott invariant. This is joint work in progress with Archey, Forough, Georgescu, Jeong, Strung, Viola.