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Coordinator of the project "Can computers do math? An approach through axiomatic geometry" (j.w. Marc Masdeu) at the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC). This activity has been postponed to 2021 due to covid-19.

I mentor high-school students within the ARGO programme. Last year three of them worked on different aspects of hyperbolic geometry. This year I am supervising three projects on constructible polygons and geometric constructions.

In 2003 I created a popular problem-solving contest for the cultural week of the University of Valencia. Since then, I have been setting the problems and marking the solutions, whereas the student assembly AdR does the local organization. See the latest problems (in Spanish) here.

When I was active in the ICMAT Mathematical Culture Unit, around 2009-10, I created the activity "Graffiti and Mathematics". Below, you can see this and other activities, some posters and publications.

2020 Circle squaring, angle trisection and regular icosakaitrigons - XXIII Mediterranean Math. Competition

2019 Squaring the circle and triskaidecagons. Barcelona Science Festival.

2017 If pianos could speak... (Si los pianos hablaran), Colegio Miguel de Cervantes, Sao Paulo.


2015 If pianos could speak... (Si los pianos hablaran), IES Oleana, Requena.

2013-2015 UK Mathematics Trust, volunteer in the Senior Mentoring Scheme.

2011 "Graffiti and Mathematics", Madrid Science Week.
Watch video YouTube.

2010 "Graffiti and Mathematics", Madrid Science Week.
Watch video YouTube.

2009 "Graffiti and Mathematics", Madrid Science Week.
Watch video YouTube.

2008 Organizer, International Mathematical Olympiad, Madrid. Editor of IMO News

2008 Organizing comitee, Spanish Mathematical Olympiad, Valencia. Editor of OME News.

2007, 2009 Member of the jury, Spanish Mathematical Olympiad, Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona) and Torrelodones (Madrid).

2004 Assistant of professor Thomas Banchoff (Brown University) at the course "Mathematics on the threshold of 21st century", Valencia.

2003-2019 Creation and organization of CPP2, popular contest of solving problem, Valencia.

2002-2009 Mediterranean Mathematical Contest.

Posters presented in Madrid Science Week.

2009 Cayley transforms.

Download (1,94 Mb).

2008 Mappa mundi overo carta generale delle algebre de Lie.

Download (1,09 Mb).

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2007 E6.

Download (2,09 Mb).

2006 Yang-Mills, instantones, monopolos y fibrados de Higgs.

Download (2,10 Mb).

2016. Curiosity and wisdom (Curiosidad y sabiduría). In memoriam Julián de Zulueta. Boletín de la Institución Libre de Enseñanza, 101.

2010, Newspaper article "3000 mathematicians in the birthplace of the number zero" (in Spanish) about ICM 2010 in India, Diario Público.
Printed edition. Online edition.

2009. Shadows from the fourth dimension (Sombras de la cuarta dimensión). En Becas del Ayuntamiento de Madrid en la Residencia de Estudiantes. Un compromiso con la creación y la investigación.

2008. CPP2. Calcetines, polinomios y polígonos, joint with A. Miralles, Matemàtiques, 4(1), 157-168. Burjassot.

2006. CPP2 -apókryphos- El cuento de los problemas perdidos, Matemàtiques, 3(1), 179-188. Burjassot.

2005. Crónica de unos problemas pasados, Matemàtiques, 2(1), 141-150. Burjassot.

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