Seminar (Operator Algebras)

Joan Claramunt (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) delivered the talk:

A correspondence between dynamical systems and separated graphs

Abstract: In 1992 Herman, Putnam and Skau established (following the work of Versik) a bijective correspondence between essentially simple ordered Bratteli diagrams and essentially minimal dynamical systems. This correspondence enable the authors to study a particular subfamily of C*-crossed products (i.e. C(X) x Z given by a single homeomorphism f : X -> X; here X is the Cantor set). In these 2-session seminars I would like to present the work obtained so far in extending the above correspondence between dynamical systems (not necessarily minimal) and (a special class of) separated graph algebras. In the first session I will introduce the basic definitions, concepts and known results which will be used throughout the 2-session seminar. In the second session I will concentrate on presenting the work obtained so far, which is joint work in progress with P. Ara and M. S. Adamo.

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