SEMINARS September 2023 – July 2024

Upcoming Seminar

The seminar takes place every Thursday at 15:00 CET. Unless specified otherwise, all talks will be held in person, and may also be streamed online. If you have any questions or would like to give a talk, please feel free to contact Bruno Poggi Cevallos (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, brunogiuseppe dot poggi at or Tomás Sanz Perela (Universitat de Barcelona, tomas dot sanz dot perela at

Calendar September 2023 – July 2024

18/07Minhyun KimHanyang University (Seoul)UB iARecent advances in nonlocal nonlinear potential theorypdf
25/07NO SEMINARStart of Summer Break until September 2024

Past Talks 2023-2024

28/09Oleg IvriiTel Aviv UniversityCRM A1 Shapes of treespdf
02/10Damian DabrowskiUniversidad de JyväskyläCRM Aula PetitaQuantifying Besicovitch projection theorempdf
05/10Matteo BonforteUniversidad Autónoma de MadridiA (UB)Stability in Gagliardo-Nirenberg-Sobolev inequalities: nonlinear flows, regularity and the entropy methodpdf
19/10Enric FloritETH ZürichiA (UB)The Yau conjecture for nonlocal minimal surfacespdf
26/10Chiara BoccatoUniversità degli Studi di MilanoiA (UB)
Spectral properties of the interacting Bose gaspdf
06/11Antonio BaisónUniversidad Autónoma MetropolitanaCRM Aula PetitaLa Transformada de Wavelets en Espacios de Funcionespdf
09/11Talk cancelled
16/11Maciej KucharskiUniversity of WroclawCRM A1Dimension-free L^p estimates for higher order maximal Riesz transforms in terms of the Riesz transformspdf
23/11Tuomas OikariUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCRM A1On commutators along monomial curvespdf
30/11Alberto MaioneCentre de Recerca MatemàticaiA (UB)Variational convergences for functionals and differential operators depending on vector fieldspdf
05/12Marvin WeidnerUniversitat de BarcelonaFME S05 (UPC)Semiconvexity estimates for integro-differential equationspdf
14/12Joan HernandezUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona
On the (1/2,+)-caloric capacity of Cantor setspdf
21/12Maicol CaponiUniversity of Naples Federico IIiA (UB)Geometric rigidity on Sobolev spaces with variable exponent and applicationspdf
11/01Loredana LanzaniUniversity of Bologna and Syracuse UniversityCRM A1 (UAB)A numerical method for the solution of boundary value problems on convex planar domainspdf
18/01Manuel CañizaresBasque Center for Applied MathematicsUB T2Identifying electric potentials via the local near-field scattering pattern at fixed energypdf
25/01Egor KosovCentre de Recerca MatemàticaUABMarcinkiewicz–Zygmund type sampling discretization theoremspdf
01/02Francisco Romero AcostaAustralia National UniversityUB T2Abundance of triangles in thin fractal setspdf
08/02Josep María BurguésUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)On the analyticity of the trajectories of the particles in the patch problem for some active scalar equationspdf
15/02Giuseppe LambertiUniv. BordeauxUB T2Random interpolating sequences in large spaces of holomorphic functionspdf
22/02Miquel SaucedoCentre de Recerca MatemàticaCRM A1 (UAB)Subcritical uncertainty principles for the Fourier transformpdf
29/02Xavier Ros-OtonICREA – Universitat de BarcelonaUB T2Integro-differential elliptic equationspdf
07/03 15h00Emanuel CarneiroThe Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical PhysicsUB
Sharp embeddings between Paley-Wiener spacespdf
07/03 16h00Yi ZhangChinese Academy of SciencesUB
Quantitative geometric inequalities in R^n: power growth other than 2pdf
14/03Leslie MolagUniversidad Carlos IIIUB
Local and global statistics for determinantal point processes on C^dpdf
21/03Alberto DayanSaarland UniversityCRM A1 (UAB)Restriction of Békollé-Bonami Weightspdf
04/04Odí Soler i GibertUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaUABPreimages of points under series of iterates of finite Blaschke productspdf
10/04Ángel CastroICMATCRM A1 (UAB)Entropy solutions to macroscopic IPMpdf
11/04Stefano VitaUniversità degli studi di TorinoUB
Degenerate equations on nodal sets and boundary
Harnack principles
(Wednesday) 15h00
Antonio CórdobaUAM – ICMATUB
Neoplasticism and Suprematism in Harmonic Analysispdf
25/04Taoufik HmidiNew York University at Abu DhabiCRM A1 (UAB)Desingularization of leapfrogging motion and time periodic vortices in bounded domainspdf
09/05Carlo BellavitaUniversitat de Barcelona – Aristotle University of ThessalonikiUB T2Optimal domain for Tg integral operatorpdf
16/05Artur NicolauUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaC3b-158 (UAB)Almost Preserving Hyperbolic Area Mappingspdf
23/05Adem LimaniUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)Simultaneous approximation in the Bloch spacepdf
29/05 16h00 (Wed)Aline BonamiUniversité OrleansCRM A1 (UAB)Riesz products, old and recent resultspdf
29/05 17h30 (Wed)Joaquim Ortega-CerdaUniversitat de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)Fluctuacions de processos determinantalspdf
13/06Iñigo U. ErnetaRutgers UniversityUB T2Calibrations for nonlocal elliptic functionalspdf
27/06Gustavo Rodrigues FerreiraCentre de Recerca MatemàticaCRM A1 (UAB)Mixing and ergodicity for compositions of inner functionspdf
04/07Domènec Ruiz i BaletImperial CollegeUB T2Matching ensembles of measures with Transformerspdf