SEMINARS October 2021 – July 2022

This page records the information of the talks which were given at the Barcelona Analysis Seminar between October 2021 and July 2022.

04/10/2021Yacin AmeurLund UniversityONLINEAn explicit charge-charge correlation function at the edge of a two-dimensional
Coulomb droplet.
18/10/2021Joaquim OrtegaUniversitat de BarcelonaB1 (UB)Idempotent Fourier multipliers acting contractively on Hp spacespdf
25/10/2021María MedinaUniversidad Autónoma de MadridB1 (UB)From sign-changing solutions to the Yamabe equation to
critical competitive systems
08/11/2021Juan Jesús DonaireUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)Linear combinations of iterates of Blaschke products and Peano curves.pdf
15/11/2021Xavier Fernandez RealEscuela Politécnica Federal de LausanaB1 (UB)Optimal regularity for the fully nonlinear thin obstacle problem.pdf
22/11/2021Mihalis MourgoglouUniversidad del País VascoCRM A1 (UAB)The regularity problem for the Laplace equation in rough domains.pdf
29/11/2021Olli TapiolaUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)Carleson measure estimates, Uniform rectifiability and Varopoulos extensionspdf
29/11/2021 (16:00 CET)Kristina OganesyanUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)Some estimates of Weyl sums and their applications in harmonic analysispdf
13/12/2021Clara Torres LatorreUniversitat de BarcelonaB1 (UB)Optimal regularity for supercritical parabolic obstacle problemspdf
24/01/2022Banhirup SenguptaUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)Pointwise descriptions of nearly incompressible vector fields with bounded curl.pdf
31/01/2022Pablo MiraUniversidad Politécnica de CartagenaB1 (UB)Linearity of homogeneous solutions to degenerate elliptic equations in dimension three.pdf
07/02/2022Bruno Vergara BiggioUniversitat de BarcelonaT2 (UB)Quantitative uniqueness for evolution equations with critically singular potentials.pdf
14/02/2022Simon BortzUniversity of AlabamaONLINEA free boundary problem for the heat equation/caloric measurepdf
21/02/2022Miquel SaucedoUniversitat de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)Reduction Theorems and Hardy Inequalities.pdf
28/02/2022Adem LimaniLund UniversityCRM A1 (UAB)Approximation problems in model spaces and beyond.pdf
07/03/2022Jaume de Dios PontUniversity of California – Los AngelesCRM A1 (UAB)Decoupling, Cantor sets, and additive combinatorics.Click here to join (Teams)pdf
14/03/2022Albert MasUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaT2 (UB)Periodic surfaces with constant nonlocal mean curvaturepdf
21/03/2022Diego ChamorroUniversité Paris-SaclayCRM A1 (UAB)Espacios de Hardy y aplicaciones a las EDPClick here to join (Zoom)pdf
28/03/2022Odí Soler i GibertUniversität WürzburgCRM A1 (UAB)Multiparameter dyadic BMO and estimates for little bmo commutators.Click here to joinpdf
04/04/2022Carme CascanteUniversitat de BarcelonaT2 (UB)Words of analytic paraproducts on Bergman spacespdf
Thursday 15:30 CET
Pascal Auscher and Moritz EgertUniversité Paris-Saclay and Technische Universität DarmstadtIMUB (UB)Boundary value problems and Hardy spaces for elliptic systems with block structure.Click here to joinpdf
25/04/2022Alan ChangPrinceton UniversityCRM A1 (UAB)Nikodym-type spherical maximal functionsClick here to joinpdf
02/05/2022Michele VillaUniversity of OuluCRM A1 (UAB)Quantitative differentiability on uniformly rectifiable setspdf
09/05/2022Anxo BiasiJagiellonian UniversityT2 (UB)Self-similar collapse in fluid dynamics and its (in)stabilitypdf
Universitat de BarcelonaT2 (UB)Regularity of stable solutions to semilinear elliptic PDEpdf
23/05/2022 (15:00)Josep GallegosUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCRM A1 (UAB)Unique continuation at the boundary for solutions of elliptic PDEspdf
23/05/2022 (16:00)Emeric RoulleyUniversité de RennesCRM A1 (UAB)Boundary effects on the emergence of quasi-periodic solutions for Euler equationspdf
30/05/2022Taoufik HmidiNew York University at Abu DhabiCRM A1 (UAB)Coherent structures in geophysical flows, from observation to theorypdf
08/06/2022 (Wednesday)Damian DabrowskiUniversity of JyväskyläC3-B158 (UAB)Vitushkin’s conjecture and sets with plenty of big projectionspdf
13/06/2022Patrick FlynnBrown UniversityB1 (UB)The scattering problem for Vlasov-Poissonpdf
Carmelo PuliattiUniversidad del País VascoC3-B158 (UAB)Blow-ups of caloric measure and applications to two-phase problemsClick here to joinpdf
Matt HannesRWTH Aachen UniversityC3-B158 (UAB)Wasserstein Flow for a Singular Interaction EnergyClick here to joinpdf
27/06/2022Alberto DebernardiCIDMA – Universidade de AveiroCRM A1 (UAB)Gabor orthonormal bases, tiling and periodicitypdf
05/07/2022 (Tuesday)Riccardo TioneMPI for Mathematics in the SciencesT2 (UB)Non-classical solutions to the $p$-Laplace equationpdf
11/07/2022Jonathan JaquetteBoston UniversityT2 (UB)Global dynamics and blow-up in some quadratic PDEsClick here to joinpdf
Francisco TorresUniversidad de SevillaCRM A1 (UAB)Chaos in the Euler equation of hydrodynamics on manifolds of high dimensionpdf
David PoyatoInstitut Camille JordanCRM A1 (UAB)Mean field limit of non-exchangeable multi-agent systemspdf